Nicko Weidel
Ostrov team
Ostrov is the group of restaurants, coffee shops and street food bakery.
Look what i create for that brand within awesome digital team.
2018 - 2020
My roles
Graphic designer
Motion designer
Art director

Street food

I worked in this company for 2 years, through pandemy, top management swap and many other hardships. I give that brand all love what i only have.

This case is a kaleidoscope of little pieces of giant work and big part of my life.
For first, i redesign and refresh all legacy brand identity, include the logo.

It was a challenge, because due to trademark registration problems, i must to create an unreadable but in the same time recognizable logo. Hope i could.
Old boring logo
New awesome logo
Short version
Alternative version
Personals outfits we made awesome looking with new fresh colours and juicy logo.
We created the simple dress code rules book for easier implementing new uniform and checking compliance of outfits.
Menu boards
The next important part of our work was updating the digital menu. I create a design system that allows you to quickly and easily update content.
This design system based on simple grid and controlled with back-office dashboard, i made for it logic and UX patterns.

In addition to screens in restaurants, I also made many layouts for printed menu boards, which were placed on street food pavilions.

Mobile app
Menu boards, cash registers, self-service terminals and a mobile application worked as a single ecosystem.

We have developed and successfully launched a mobile application for pre-ordering food. The app was also a marketing tool with a built-in digital loyalty card. Look at this puss on Behance.

Also we collected and recycled all the old plastic cards used by customers.

We practiced omnichannel communication, and i am proud of the social media accounts that we create and fill with content.
Also, what for regional brand is not typical, we run projects and marketing companies like a big serious corporation.
Breakfasts menu
Falafel menu
I made a tons of stuff and this work was a real big deal for me. I started as a graphic designer with freelance expirience, and then i went by hard and unknown way in role of CMO and Art director. I assembled a driven extremly motivated team and we are still best friends.

We made real important thihgs: low cost and high quality streed food with soul and style. We even started a franchise develope, collect full franchisee starter packs and already selled one... But everything has an end.

At least for me.